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Trevor Ward

Trevor Ward

Trevor Ward is a specialist consultant in the hospitality, leisure and real estate industries. He is the Principal of the W Hospitality Group, and Chairman of Hotel Partners Africa, with offices in the UK, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa.

He started his consultancy career in 1983, having previously completed a university degree in hotel management at the University of Surrey, and worked in hotel management positions in the UK.  From the late 1980s he has specialised in the provision of advisory services to clients in developing countries, and since 2003 has been based in Nigeria, advising clients there and throughout Africa.

His international experience includes advising clients on hotel and tourism development in more than 90 countries in Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.  With a special focus on sub-Saharan Africa, he is working with many of the international hotel groups who are seeking a presence there, from the oil-rich countries of the west to the tourism hotspots of the south and east.  He is regarded as one of the foremost experts on the hotel industry in sub-Saharan Africa, and is engaged primarily in development consultancy ranging from investment appraisals to operator selection, owner’s representation and asset management, valuations, financing, development management, procurement and agency.

In addition to his advisory work, Trevor is an active member of the Institute of Hospitality, for which he is their Ambassador for Africa, and of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants.

Trevor is a regular speaker at industry conferences, and writes in various professional and Africa-focused journals, including Africa Investor and BT Africa

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